Hey Guys (says the now 14 yrs old Xander)

So now I’m the official instructor for my clogging group! My instructor and her family are gone now and I’m missing them so much =( and also I just celebrated my 14th Birthday!!! So tell me how y’all have been doing, I’ve been gone so long, yikes!



OK so at my Clogging class last week my teacher told me that for the last few weeks that she is here she was going to let the responsibility slip slowly to Me……Nope umm she’s kinda leaving to pick out a house. yea its kinda last minute they haven’t picked out a house yet so I’ll be teaching class by…my…self…. My Instructor’s Daughters will still be there Blue (the one who moved away) and Ninja so its not as dramatic as it sounds. well I guess you can call that an update,Love y’all and Thanks for staying with me. 😉


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My Clogging update

OK guys sorry its been even longer then last time that I posted but I have time to do an update.OK so my Clogging Instructor’s House is now under contract and they have six weeks. Yea so there’s your update thanks for sticking with me (even though I don’t post alot ) Love y’all



Sorry I was gone so long.

Hey guys,sorry I was gone for so long. Everything has been crazy lately like for instance,the kids got sick and so did my Mom and with Dad at work household everything was left to me and Alex. this was around two months ago. Well we made it yay,and sorry if I can’t post every day or every week ’cause stuff gets crazy around here. Well see y’all!!663e562129331705fd4c5485522b9e4b out!!

Subject: Clogging and How I Got Where I Am Today

This story starts out with me. I was 10 years old at the time and I was really chubby. One of my friends at church invited me and my sisters to start clogging. A couple days later we arrived at the class. My sisters weren’t very interested, but I myself fell in love with it. My teachers were a mother and daughter duo. The class consisted of several girls. About 6 months later, after the friend who invited me quit, I moved to the Junior class. Clogging is a very energetic dance and after a while I began to lose weight. I also began to get better at clogging. Not too long ago the daughter of the duo moved away for college, which left her mother to take over the group. Which now includes my friends Precious, Ninja, and several older women (sadly I don’t have nicknames for all of them, I’ll work on ’em).

The next step in the story is my instructor and her other daughter Ninja, and the rest of their family, are moving out of state. So they are passing the role of teacher to me. Which means I will be teaching Beginner, Junior, and the older group. And my parents will be taking over the planning, booking, and financial side. Now Pumpkin and Diva, my two younger sisters, are finally clogging and loving it.

Well, that is the tale of Xander clogging. There’s more to come, I’m sure. There are many other tales of Xander’s life, so we won’t be long in seeing each other again.



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